Wash less

We have been conditioned to launder our clothes after every wear, however over washing is guzzling water and decreasing the life cycle of our clothes. Odet garments are designed with uncompromised quality and longevity in mind, which is why we recommend our customers wear more and launder less extending the life cycle of your limited-edition pieces. As a general rule we recommend to limit laundering until completely necessary.

Wear more – wash less tips

1. Inspect for marks or stains after every wear

Spot-treat any minor marks or stains vs laundering the entire garment.

2. Hang to breathe

Hang on an open rack to let air circulate around and through the fibers, reducing odours.

3. Freshen and press

For garments that may crease with wear, simply hang to air dry. When it comes to wearing again, spritz with tap water and hang to dry or steam to loosen/ smooth creases and freshen from odours.


‘Lengthening the life cycle of our clothing from 1 to 2 years decreases their carbon footprint by 24%’

Odet encourages repairing or repurposing to re-wear your limited-edition pieces if they show signs of wear in order to covet for years to come. The Odet team are always available for advice on how to tackle minor repairs at home, contact us at hello@byodet.com . Alternatively, we recommend seeking a seamstress for more detailed repurposing alterations, extending the life cycle and breathing new life into your much-loved limited-edition Odet.

Pass on

Odet encourages our customers to resell their Odet garments rather than contribute to the estimated one garbage truck of fashion textiles that are burned or dumped in landfill every second. Reselling your limited-edition Odet offers someone else the opportunity to create memories within its seams, giving the garment a second life.