Our Story

Stefanie Mahony founded Odet in 2021, with the intention to feed her creative appetite and live out her wildest dreams of designing and creating highly detailed, innately feminine garments that toe the line between art and fashion. A firm believer in quality over quantity, Stefanie’s philosophy for the brand was to mirror how she herself consumes with all designs being limited in production, limited editions and numbered as if they truly were pieces of art.

Odet is designed with uncompromised quality and longevity in mind. Each collection will encompass its own narrative, however Stefanie’s underlying source of inspiration has and always will be drawn from the idea of her children and eventually grandchildren raiding her wardrobe and finding her archive of garments, appreciating them as if they were treasure and giving them a second, third or fourth life – creating their own memories within the seams.

Odet headquarters is located in Lennox Head, Australia on Bundjalung Country.