Supply Chain

A fundamental part of our business is the mutually beneficial relationships built on trust and respect with our suppliers. It is these partnerships that allow us to create limited edition pieces that toe the line between art and fashion, while ensuring that our environmental footprint remains as low as possible.

Based in india our collection 1. Fleur in bloom manufacturers are audited to the sedex smeta 2 pillar standards.

Smeta is sedex’s social auditing methodology that provides an assessment of the working conditions as well as the responsible business practises and overall social compliance of a manufacturing facility. Sedex audits are conducted on site periodically, with smeta pillar 2 monitoring supplier’s standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics. Odet requests audit reports in order to review any non-compliances, ensuring a safe work environment for all employees is upheld, full entitlements are received and workers have an avenue for their voices to be heard.



Linen is a natural fibre derived from the flax plant. Considered as a preferred fibre, linen is extremely durable, naturally moth resistant, antibacterial and gets softer with age. A fabrication that is worth the investment, our limited-edition pieces in linen are the definition of uncompromised quality, built to last decades when cared for correctly.  

Subject to weight and finish linen has the ability to decompose in approximately 2 weeks in soil.


Cotton is a natural fibre, derived from the highly renewable cotton plant. Known and loved for its biodegradable, breathable and durable nature, cotton remains one of the highest produced fabrics in the world.

Organic cotton ensures little harm to farmers, farmland and the ecosystem due to growing naturally, without gmo’s or the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic chemicals. Cotton not treated with harsh chemicals, such as organic cotton, has the ability to decompose in soil, in only a few weeks.

It is for these reasons and the fact that it utilises half the amount of water as its conventional counterpart that odet commits to the use of organic cotton where possible.

Due to our limited- edition, small quantity business model, it can be difficult to reach the moq (minimum order quantity) required to obtain organic cotton certifications. In an effort of providing greater transparency, where certifications have been obtained, we will specify the material as ‘certified organic cotton’.