Introducing Collection 04. Lovers
Launching online May 24’

Collection 04 LOVERS is inspired by the Andy Warhol quote ‘I wonder if it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever’. A quote by the King of Pop Culture, who also encouraged  ‘People should fall in love with their eyes closed’, suggesting love be based on nothing more than a feeling. These references from Andy Warhol evoked memories and emotions of love as a teenager, that all-consuming, obsessive, butterflies in your stomach, this will last forever type love. Think love notes, heart candies, writing I love {insert crushes name here} and Mrs {your name} {crushes surname} on your diary.

Collection 04. LOVERS is a collection of highly detailed, innately feminine and quintessentially flirty garments that toe the line between art and fashion. Designed to trigger emotions of lust, boost dopamine levels and be worn in the presence of love. LOVERS features an array of new and re-imagined designs. The collections namesake artwork, is a confetto of multi- coloured, hand painted hearts, inspired by the pop-culture ‘Sweethearts’ candies that were adorned with love notes, such as ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Kiss Me’. Collection 04 designs are limited in production, limited editions and numbered as if they truly are pieces of art.

All designs are limited editions (example 1/50). Locate the number of garments produced on both the product pages of the website and each individual garment swing tag. 

Location · BLANC STUDIO Byron Bay
Photographer · Tom Paterson
Model · Sarah Lamkin
H&MU · Phoebe Fever